Why Choose NYU Langone?

Why should you choose the Cardiovascular Genetics Program at NYU Langone Medical Center?

We believe that our patients should be offered the most advanced treatment and counseling methods available. Dr. Silvia Priori, a recognized pioneer in the field of inherited cardiovascular diseases, spearheads our team of clinical arrhythmia specialists.

Our research is performed in our dedicated NYU laboratory and in the Molecular Cardiology Laboratories of the Maugeri Foundation in Pavia, Italy.

Our Center's registries are among the largest in the world for clinical and genetic data of patients with inherited cardiac conditions. This information, gathered through epidemiological studies, helps us design specific risk stratification and therapeutic strategies to continually improve the quality of care offered to our patients.

At the Cardiovascular Genetics Center, you will find:

  • Clinical evaluation by a team of experts
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tests (e.g., stress tests and pharmacological challenge tests)
  • Advanced imaging technologies (echocardiogram, cardiac MRI, nuclear cardiology)
  • Innovative interventional procedures, including advanced electrophysiologic mapping studies and personally tailored device therapy
  • Genetic testing for known hereditary conditions
  • Opportunities for functional genetic testing on rare variants and participation in research studies
  • Genetic counseling to guide you through the results of your test and answer your questions and concerns
  • Risk stratification for sudden cardiac death
  • Evaluation of all family members who may be affected by the same condition